hair care

Please note:

  • All braids/corn rows styled with curling or flat iron will be an additional charge, as per menu. No exceptions please.
  • Any highlight service, color service or gloss service for hair shoulder length or longer will be an extra $10 product charge.
Salon ServicePricing
Artificial hair (customer provides hair)Price at Consultation
artificial hair removal$10
bang trim$5
blow-dry style with brush$10
Color Retouch (2 inches or less)$20
hair color extractor (hair above shoulder length) - first application$25
hair color extractor (hair above shoulder length) - second application$15
hair color extractor (hair shoulder length or longer) - first application$50
hair color extractor (hair shoulder length or longer) - second application$40
conditioning treatment$6
corn rows (half-head)$30
corn rows (full head)$40
curling iron/flat iron (shampoo not included)$10
dread loc maintenance $35
extra product charge$6
extra product charge for long hair (shoulder length or longer)$10
french braid (1)$10
french braid (2)$15
full bleach & tone$55
full color & foils combined (2 colors)$50
full head finger-wave/style$10
full head pincurl/style$10
hi-lighting (12 foils or less)$25
hi-lighting/low-lighting (full head)$40
hi-lighting/low-lighting (half head)$30
hi-lighting (per foil)$5
enjoy smoother$70
enjoy smoother for long hair (shoulder length or longer)$90
ladies haircut$10
men's haircut$10
child's haircut (8 & under)$5
mustache & beard trim$3
permanent color$30
permanent waving$25
permwaving (special wrap)$40
quick weave (shampoo not included)$40
relaxers (includes wrap only)$25
Roller Set/Style with Shampoo$10
scalp/hair treat with mass$6
semi permanent color/gloss/shades eq$20
sew-in hair (shampoo not included)$50
shampoo/blow-dry/flat iron$20
shampoo/cut/blow-dry/flat iron$20
spiral set curl$35
thermal press & curl$15
thermal press & curl for long hair$25
up-doprice at consultation
wrap (with flat iron)$20
wrap (with rollers)$20
Long Hair DesignsPricing
single overbraid$15
single strand twists$20
two strand twists$20
single strand knots$20
two strand knots$20
vertical roll$20
five strand braid$25
five strand loops$30
three strand overbraid with loops$40
freeform loops$40
double roll$40
single strand twists and loops$40

All techniques can be combined for an additional cost. Price by vary depending on difficulty and preparation of hair prior to styling.

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