massage services

Hot Stone Massage
Warmed stones melt away tension and relieve sore muscles.

Reflexology Session
The therapist will work with the feet and utilize reflex points to positively affect different areas of the body.

Detoxifying Foot Bath
Relaxing foot treatment will aid the body in removing toxins.

Reflexology and Detoxifying Foot Bath
A combination of two foot treatments makes for the ultimate in relaxation and detoxification.

Swedish Massage
Relaxing massage with light to moderate pressure that eases tension and stress.

Couples Swedish Massage
In a room made for two, this relaxing massage with light to moderate pressure eases tension and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage
This technique will target the deeper layer of muscles to loosen hard-to-release tension.

Pregnancy Massage
This special service provides a relaxing, full-body massage tailored for an expectant mother. Must be out of first trimester.

Body Mud Masque
Our botanical mud blend has natural minerals to help release toxins, lavender to reduce inflammation and chamomile to soothe and calm. The botanical mud is applied to the body and later removed with warm, moist towels.

Body Scrub
Scrub treatments stimulate circulation and revitalize the whole body. Choose from Salt Glow, Sugar Scrub or Body Polish.

Ear Candling
Theories suggest the use of a hollow, cone shaped candle may help soften ear wax for easier removal. The gentle warmth may help to dry excessive moisture in the ear.

Foot Loose & Fancy Free
Includes a special exfoliation to increase circulation, mask to relax achy feet and a light foot massage. This treatment will leave feet rejuvenated and ready to dance the night away!

Massage Therapy Add-Ons
Enhance your massage with one of our many add-on services. Choose from Hot Pack, Aromatherapy or Biofreeze. Or try a "mini" Hot Stone or Deep Tissue treatment (LMT only).

LMT = Licensed Massage Therapist

Student Massage ServicePricing
swedish massage - 60 minutes$30
couples swedish massage - 60 minutes$55
pregnancy massage - 60 minutes$30
LMT Massage ServicesPricing
hot stone massage - 90 minutes$100
hot stone massage - 60 minutes$80
reflexology session - 60 minutes$50
reflexology session - 30 minutes$35
detoxifying foot bath - 30 minutes$30
reflexology and detoxifying foot bath - 60 minutes$55
swedish massage - 90 minutes$80
swedish massage - 60 minutes$50
couples swedish massage - 90 minutes$155
couples swedish massage - 60 minutes$95
deep tissue massage - 90 minutes$90
deep tissue massage - 60 minutes$60
pregnancy massage - 60 minutes$50
body mud masque - 60 minutes, full body$45
body mud masque - 30 minutes, back only$30
body scrub - 60 minutes, full body$45
body scrub - 30 minutes, back only$30
ear candling - 30 minutes$30
foot loose & fancy free - 30 minutes$30
massage therapy add-ons$5
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