massage services

Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage using firm but gentle pressure to help ease tension and stress, promote relaxation and increase circulation. This service can be perfect for first time spa visitors and is the most common of all massages.

Couples Swedish Massage (price per person)
Relaxing massage, in a room made for two, with light to moderate pressure that eases tension and stress.

Hot Stone Massage
Warmed stones melt tension away and relieve sore muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage
Restore the imbalance in deeper layers of the muscles and fascia. A focus is placed on individual concerns by using more intense pressure in common areas of tension. This is recommended for athletes and clients involved in strenuous, physical activities. This can also be helpful for chronic tension and muscle pain.

Prenatal Massage
This special service provides a relaxing, full-body massage tailored to an expectant mother.

Chair Massage
Relieve stress sand tension in our ergonomically-designed massage chair.

Foot Treatment
Warm foot bath with the essential oils of rosemary, peppermint and lavender sooth the senses. A salt exfoliation is followed by a thorough massage of the feet.

Four-Handed Massage
Twice the relaxation in the same amount of time. Two sets of hands massage tired and sore muscles to bring about a deep sense of well-being.

Steam Tent with Massage
Thermotherapy, steam infused with detoxifying herbs, assist in warming and relaxing the muscles. Full body steam is followed by 30 minutes of massage.

Student Massage ServicePricing
swedish massage - 90 minutes$50
swedish massage - 60 minutes$30
swedish massage - 30 minutes$20
couples swedish massage - 90 minutes$50
couples swedish massage - 60 minutes$30
couples swedish massage - 30 minutes$20
deep tissue massage - 90 minutes$65
deep tissue massage - 60 minutes$45
deep tissue massage - 30 minutes$35
prenatal massage - 90 minutes$50
prenatal massage - 60 minutes$30
prenatal massage - 30 minutes$20
chair massage - 30 minutes$15
foot treatment - 45 minutes$20
chair massage - 15 minutes$10
Licensed Massage Therapist ServicePricing
swedish massage - 90 minutes$80
swedish massage - 60 minutes$50
swedish massage - 30 minutes$30
couples swedish massage - 90 minutes$80
couples swedish massage - 60 minutes$50
couples swedish massage - 30 minutes$30
deep tissue massage - 90 minutes$95
deep tissue massage - 60 minutes$65
deep tissue massage - 30 minutes$45
hot stone massage - 75 minutes$85
prenatal massage - 90 minutes$80
prenatal massage - 60 minutes$50
prenatal massage - 30 minutes$30
chair massage - 30 minutes$30
foot treatment - 45 minutes$30
steam tent with massage - 75 minutes$85
four-handed massage - 75 minutes$100
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