massage services

Chair Massage
Relieve stress and tension in our ergonomically-designed massage chair.

Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage using firm but gentle pressure to help ease tension and stress which promotes relaxation and increased circulation. This service can be perfect for first-time spa visitors and is the most common of all massages.

Reflexology Massage
In this service, pressure is applied to points on the hands and feet to provide relaxation. Reflexology is based on the principal that the entire body can be addressed through the hands and feet by breaking up crystalline deposits that interfere with nerve reflexes corresponding to other areas of the body. It also can help circulation.

Hot Stone Massage
A luxurious and relaxing massage combined with smooth, flat, heated Basalt stones placed at key parts of the body to create a serene state of well-being. The experience is deeply relaxing and soothing to melt away muscle tension.

Aromatherapy Massage
A tranquil massage using 100% essential oils that can be custom blended to calm, uplift or energize!

Body Mud Mask
In this service, a mineral-enriched clay mud is applied to the body to detoxify, smooth and stimulate the skin.

Body Polish
A lotion-based scrub is used to gently exfoliate and smooth skin. This is followed by a gentle, moisturizing massage which leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Prenatal Massage
This special service provides a relaxing, full-body massage tailored to an expectant mother.

Ear Candling
A hollow candle is placed on the entrance to the ear to relieve pressure, ear build-up and inner ear blockages.

Sea Salt Glow
In this exhilarating yet soothing full-body treatment, the skin is exfoliated from head-to-toe with a mixture of natural sea salts and oils which leaves you feeling refreshed. Warm towels are then used to remove the salts and soothe the senses. A soothing, moisturizing lotion is then applied followed by a light, moisturizing massage.

Student Massage ServicePricing
chair massage - 30 minutes$20
chair massage - 10 minutes$8
swedish massage - 90 minutes$45
swedish massage - 60 minutes$30
swedish massage - 30 minutes$20
reflexology massage - 60 minutes$25
reflexology massage - 30 minutes$15
couples massage - 90 minutes$70
couples massage - 60 minutes$55
hot stone massage - 90 minutes$40
hot stone massage - 60 minutes$30
algae wrap - 60 minutes$45
aromatherapy massage - 60 minutes$30
body mud mask - 60 minutes$45
body polish - 60 minutes$45
cellulite spot treatment - 60 minutes$45
prenatal massage - 60 minutes$25
ear candling - 30 minutes$10
sea salt glow - 60 minutes$45
Licensed Massage Therapist ServicePricing
swedish massage - 90 minutes$60
swedish massage - 60 minutes$45
swedish massage - 30 minutes$35
reflexology massage - 60 minutes$35
reflexology massage - 30 minutes$25
couples massage - 90 minutes$105
couples massage - 60 minutes$80
hot stone massage - 90 minutes$60
hot stone massage - 60 minutes$45
algae wrap - 60 minutes$55
body mud mask - 60 minutes$55
body polish - 60 minutes$55
cellulite spot treatment - 60 minutes$55
prenatal massage - 60 minutes$40
sea salt glow - 60 minutes$55
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